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Financing and Coupons

Mattresses for Less Financing
Mattresses for Less has financing options for everyone—whether you have good or not-so-good credit.

Prequalified Buyers
Get 0% interest on purchases for up to 60 months. Our partners offer flexible financing options—so you can buy now and pay over time. See store for details.

Second-Chance Financing
We also offer second-chance financing through Okinus with no credit needed. Get instant credit up to $4,000 with no interest payments for 90 days.

For Okinus Financing click here

Free Layaway

Our free layaway plan lets you put any amount down to lock in the sale price of an item. There’s no minimum down payment or minimum purchase required. You simply make a payment once a month. Once you’ve paid half, contact us so we can ensure the item is still in stock. In the unlikely event that it’s not in stock, we’ll help you reselect items or switch to store credit.